Lorrin Freeman

Proven. Respected. Keeping you safe. Doing what is right.

A member of a family with a long history of commitment to public service, Lorrin Freeman grew up in and around the courthouse. Justice and community safety have been her lifelong passions, and for more than 20 years now she has worked diligently to build a criminal justice system that at its core is fair, responsive and makes our safety a priority.

Lorrin started as an Assistant District Attorney under Colon Willoughby, where she helped start Teen Court, a thriving and successful diversion and early intervention program. She went on to become an Assistant Attorney General, where she trained and advised law enforcement officers statewide, and represented the Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission and the State Highway Patrol.

After being elected Wake County Clerk of Superior Court in 2006, Lorrin became widely respected for her efforts to build and maintain an efficient and accessible courthouse while managing a staff of over 150 people. Her peers presented her with the President's Award from the NC Conference of Clerks of Superior Court in 2010 and, in 2012, she was elected President of that body.

Lorrin’s first term as District Attorney has been characterized by a drive to ensure that those who violate the law are held accountable, because she understands that a safe community is foundational to our good quality of life. But Lorrin also knows that stopping the cycle of criminal behavior takes more than tough consequences. She has been determined to help find ways for individuals with mental health or addiction issues live stable lives in our community. She also has helped build a strong collaborative coalition to help those exiting the criminal justice system find support so that they don't reoffend.   

Lorrin understands that the District Attorney’s primary responsibility is to keep us safe. She also believes that Wake County deserves a criminal justice system that the community can trust. She is a proven leader and is recognized by peers and colleagues for her commitment to public safety and doing the right thing.

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