Proven. Respected. Doing what is right.

Lorrin Freeman has established herself as a dedicated and determined public servant whose primary focus is the application of the just, fair and equal rule of law. For over 20 years she has distinguished herself by playing a central role in forming a criminal justice system that our community can trust.

Lorrin understands that the District Attorney’s primary responsibility is to keep us safe. Lorrin believes that our safety in no small part is ensured not only by holding the culpable accountable, but by rehabilitating those capable of reform and addressing the underlying causes of crime in our community. When intervention for substance abuse and mental health issues may be more effective in corrective justice, Lorrin actively seeks ways to promote that goal. When people exiting the criminal justice system after incarceration or probation seek assistance in reentering the work force and contributing to our community, Lorrin is an advocate for removing barriers that prevent the reformed from succeeding. She is a proven leader and is recognized by peers and colleagues for her commitment to public safety and doing the right thing.

What the District Attorney Does

The Wake County District Attorney is the top law enforcement officer and head prosecutor in the most powerful judicial district in North Carolina. The District Attorney leads a team that plays a critical role in keeping our community safe.
With over 100,000 criminal infractions and violations annually in the fastest growing county in the state, the District Attorney must manage an office of over seventy employees, including forty attorneys.

The Wake County District Attorney is also charged with investigating and prosecuting corruption and lack of transparency among elected officials, state employees, agencies and departments. Throughout her career, Lorrin has been committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. She is widely respected by members of both political parties as well as by prosecutors and attorneys from the defense and civil bar. Lorrin has been part of a strong tradition of making certain that politics do not impact the fair administration of justice. She will always put the public’s trust first and will maintain the long-standing integrity of the Wake County District Attorney’s office.